The Best Resources for Better Business

At Pursuit-Tech, we treat our employees like family. After all, our business is built upon, and our reputation is spread by, our people – so it’s important to us to keep them satisfied. Pursuit-Tech has been built by managers and consultants that sought to make a difference. We offer challenging projects that meet your qualifications and interests, and career opportunities including promotions within the organization. We provide an open door policy and a nondiscriminatory work environment. We offer a competitive remuneration and benefits package to provide the stability required while performing assignments. Pursuit-Tech also provides ongoing training and support and even legal assistance.

If you are a talented professional and are convinced that working smart is as important as working hard, call us at Pursuit-Tech. You will find intellectuals that will be delighted to talk to you. Employee Benefits Pursuit-Tech offers competitive pay both to its hourly consultants and to Staff Consultants (salaried employees with full benefits). Our benefits program is comprehensive and includes health care, dental care. Our benefits package also includes dependent insurance coverage. Other benefits include paid holidays, and vacation.

How are clients benefited with our IT staffing service

Our company provides resources tailored according to the requirement of the client with industries ranging from retail to BFSI. Our successful and competent hiring managers are:

  • Always ready with a detailed job description.
  • Adept at picking an appropriate candidate for the right requirement Skilled at finding out the soft skills/personality type required to work with a team.
  • Thorough with the interview process and the interview panel.
  • Knowledgable at making decisions like acquiring requirements in line with the immediate resource pool.

How are employees benefited with our IT staffing services

From initial hire to ongoing development- we help build hires to be valuable resources by providing them with all the required means. Our staffing services stand out from others as we:

  • Have a successful, robust recruiting cycle backed by impressive technical infrastructure.
  • Have an excellent understanding of our clients, their work and their needs.
  • Have experience to back up our claims.
  • Have an efficient and effective communication system set up to not only help you place but also counsel you if you couldn’t get placed.
  • Have a structured strategy and search process to help you get requirements that are in your strengths.